Resources: Syria and International Law

Public International law

The Oxford Public International Law Platform has an index of discussions on the international law aspects relating to Syria, covering debates in blogs and newspaper articles. Click here to go to the website.

See below for a quick preview of the topics as of 15/10/2013.

I. Overviews of Legal Issues

II. Analyses of Scope and Meaning of UN Charter Article 2(4) Prohibition of the Use of Force

A) Legality of Arming Rebels

B) Purpose of Force – Reprisals vs Restoration of Peace

C) Meaning of “Territorial Integrity and Political Independence”

D) Chapter VII Authorization

E)”Uniting for Peace” Resolution as a Way Round UNSC Deadlock

III. Legality of Possible Grounds for Intervention:

A) Humanitarian Intervention Doctrines

B) Responsibility to Protect

C) Intervention to Support Self-determination

D) Intervention to Counter Use or Proliferation of WMD

IV. Precedents

A) Kosovo

B) Libya

C) Others

V. Article 51 Self-Defence

A) “Armed Attack”

B) Anticipatory self-defence

VI. Progressive Development of Law…

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