Reform of the Investor-State Dispute Settlement System: TDM Publishes a Comprehensive Special Issue

Transnational Dispute Management (TDM) Journal has recently published a Special Issue on the Reform of the Investor-State Dispute Settlement System. The Special was co-edited by Jean Kalicki, Arnold & Porter LLP and Georgetown University Law Center, and Anna Joubin-Bret, Cabinet Joubin-Bret. It consists of 68 articles by academics, practitioners and experts from institutions including UNCITRAL and UNCTAD who discussed the five broad reform paths outlined by the UNCTAD including (i) promoting alternative dispute resolution (ii) tailoring the existing system through individual IIAs; (iii) limiting investor access to ISDS; (iv) introducing and appeals facility; and (v) creating a standing international investment court as well as aditional reform proposals such as “improving the ISDS system from within” (by Dr. S. W. Schill).

Erman Ozgur, a Member of DILS, also contributed in the TDM Special with his paper entitled “Search for Consistency and Fairness in Investor-State Arbitration: An Institutional Approach to Interpreting the Doctrine of Legitimate Expectations”.

To access the special issue please follow the link.



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