The Battle for Britain: Scotland and the Independence Referendum

University of Dundee welcomes David Torrance, an acclaimed British political journalist, author and contemporary historian. He will talk about his new book and counts down to the big day by discussing claims and counterclaims, knocking down fictions and fallacies from both Nationalists and Unionists. Torrance will plunge into the key questions that have shaped an often-fraught argument, from the future of the pound to the shape of an independent Scottish army. With access to the strategists and opinion-makers on both sides of the political divide, the book goes straight to the heart of the great debate, providing an incisive, authoritative, occasionally trenchant guide to the most dramatic constitutional question of our times – the battle for Britain.

The event will take place in Dalhousie Building on Friday, 7 February 2014 from 18:00 to 19:00. It also includes book signing and drinks reception.

The event is free, however booking is required. For the Eventbrite link, please click.


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