Personal Stories of the Crisis in the Context of the International Law Relating to Refugee’s

27th October 2015 at 5.p.m.

Carnegie Lecture Theatre CEPMLP

The current migration from Syria is one of the largest in history. It effects thousands of people including the migrants themselves but also thousands of other people across Europe and North Africa.

The discussion will begin with an introduction to the International Law in respect of refugees by Jacques Hartmann. This will be followed by a series of short presentations from international students with first-hand experience from some of the countries affected or dealing with refugees. We are hoping this will include Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Greece, Slovenia and Germany. Hopefully the ensuing discussion will expand on these experiences with contributions from those attending.

The presentations are not expected to reflect the law but rather reflect on how these countries are coping with the crisis, the personal experience of refugee’s and how local people are responding and feeling about it. In essence, whilst we want to discuss the law, more importantly we want to reflect the human story underlying the crisis.


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