“Readjusting Domestic and Foreign Policy in the Face of Mass Social Unrest: State Responses to Early Mobilisation in the Arab Uprisings’, Guest Lecture by Dr Frédéric Volpi (University of St Andrews) .

    • Start: 28 Jan 4:00PM      End: 28 Jan 5:30PM
    • Location: D’Arcy Thompson Lecture Theatre, Tower Building
    • Cost: Free of charge

Organiser: Dr Sarah Leonard

    Revolutionary events provide opportunities to test common assumptions about the relative impact of structural trends and of protestors’ agency in the policy making process. The 2011 Arab uprisings provided some insights into how agency and contingency could overcome structure during sudden episodes of regime change. These dynamics were visible at three levels of analysis and of political activities: the local level, national/state policies and, international relations/politics. This presentation illustrates the policy dilemmas created by revolutionary upsurges in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya for local actors, for these regimes, and for the international community (mainly France and the UK in this context). How revolutionary agency and contingency can combine to upset the set policy orientations of the state, and how in their turn the ad-hoc policy reorientations of the state elites further contribute to the volatility of the situation.

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