The University is engaged in work to develop a revised brand framework, which will shape how we present ourselves to the world. This is being led by External Relations and is being done at a time when we are approaching our 50th anniversary in 2017.

The existing brand guidelines were developed in 2000 and no longer reflect the University’s position or ambition. In that time the world has also changed significantly in terms of where and how the University needs to be seen, and we need to ensure that we respond effectively to these changes. The revision of the brand framework is therefore part of the University’s strategic plan to raise our profile and ultimately generate more income.

We are working on this with an external agency, Tangent Graphics, who were appointed following a competitive procurement process.  Based in Glasgow, they delivered all the branding for the highly successful Glasgow Commonwealth Games and the recent “People make Glasgow” city promotion campaign. They also employ two graduates from our School of Art and Design, and regularly take on others on as interns, including one this summer.

The University brand and how we present ourselves is something that affects all who work here. So we are keen to get your views on some of the questions it raises. Earlier this summer we ran initial workshops with small groups of staff and students. These yielded useful insights and we’d now like to build on these through responses to a short questionnaire, which is at

The survey will close on 09/09/16.


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